About us

“Megaplantas” belongs to the group of companies that operates in planting urban and private territories over a decade.

Our partners – the largest nurseries upholding centuries-old traditions of Germany, Belgium, Holland and other cities of Europe, local and foreign landscape architects, designers, construction and projection companies, real estate developers.

Our specialization – big trees that are brought from Western Europe and acclimatized, also decorative bushes for private and urban territories.


  • Responsibility
  • Experience
  • Creativity


On the ground of the best experience of projectors and landscapers of Western Europe’s nurseries to plant and nurture only plants that conforms to European standards, to create cozy residential and harmonious society environment traditions from “empty field” to planning, landscaping and further daily maintenance.


  • To give the pleasure of enjoying cozy, mature greenery that creates historical value here and now.
  • To create cozy private residential environment and urban territories of Eastern European countries


  • Projection, planning, planting and maintenance of residential and urban territories.
  • Planting, pruning and other maintenance works of big trees and decorative bushes that are grown in Western Europe and Lithuania and that are acclimatized.
  • Personal consultations of planting specialists and landscape architects.
  • Daily maintenance of plants of residential and urban territories.
  • Young and mature plants from our nursery and unique plants from nurseries of our partners in Europe.
  • Watering equipment.
  • Exceptional quality details of small architecture, furniture, tools and equipment.